Active Members

The active members represent seven countries: France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Canada. They set the calendar, work timelines and decide agendas for meetings. They each act as ambassador to the network. They also choose the artists who will be commissioned by the network.

Le Cirque / La Comète,
Scène Nationale de Châlons-en-Champagne, France, represented by Philippe Bachman
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London, United Kingdom, represented by Marcus Davey
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Teatro Circo Price
Madrid, Spain, represented by Maria Folguera
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International Stage at Gasverket
Stockholm, Sweden, represented by Peder Bjurman & Joseph Josephsson
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Østre Gasværk Teater
Copenhagen, Denmark, represented by Emmet Feigenberg
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Montréal, Canada represented by Stéphane Lavoie
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Les Rotondes
Luxembourg, represented by Laura Graser

Elbeuf, France, represented by Yveline Rapeau

Cirque Jules Verne
Pôle National Cirque et Arts de la Rue, Amiens, France, represented by Célia Deliau & Julien Rosemberg
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