360°: who is in?
Established in 2010, this network is a joint initiative of six founding members

The network is made of two categories of members;  the active and the associated ones.  The active members decide on the directions and actions to be taken by the network.  The associated ones benefit from communication, actions and the negociated fees for the productions, although they do not take part in the decision-making process.


The network is an open space for exchange and collaboration. Any artistic or cultural institution owning a covered, round building and /or stage, and concerned with the round, can aspire to be part of it.


For any question on the 360° network, please contact:

Charlotte Schwartz : + 33 326 69 50 97 

PR contact

If you are part of the press, please contact  Dorothée Duplan or Aurélie Baguet:

Agence Plan Bey + 33 1 48 06 52 27

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