How 360° came to be

 The idea of a network connecting round spaces with an artistic purpose was born in 2005, during Robert Lepage's visit to the circus of Châlons-en-Champagne. Philippe Bachman, who had been recently named Director of La Comète, Scène Nationale, invited the artist, who was inspired by the peculiarity of the stage area as a constraint on creation. He mentioned other such spaces like Roundhouse in London or El Tanque in Tenerife.

Philippe Bachman then ventured to explore these spaces and meet their directors. He made a primary inventory of round spaces in Europe and noticed that these singular spaces were all faced with the same programming challenge: the quasi-nonexistent artistic repertoire caused by technical constraints linked with their specific architectural characteristics.

Nevertheless, the circular space possesses infinite potential, deeply reinventing the relationships between the show and the audience, and stimulating the creators’ visual and spatial imagination.
Six directors (Marcus Davey, Pere Pinyol, Peder Bjurman, Pia Jette Hansen, Gaella Gottwald and Philippe Bachman) then decided to unite and create a network around artistic development and management of circular spaces presenting performing and visual arts. In October 2010, they signed a charter outlining the working goals of the network.

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